About Albury Wodonga Football Association

The Albury Wodonga Football Association. (AWFA) is the major organisational body for non-professional soccer in the Albury Wodonga region. Currently comprising of 12 clubs across 5 towns.
The League is an autonomous body, comprised of its member clubs each of which has equal voting rights in the affairs of the League. Responsibility for the overall control of the League is vested in the hands of an Executive Committee, elected by the body of member clubs at the annual general meeting. The Executive Committee comprises the President, Secretary, Treasurer and six committee members. All officials and members of the Executive Committee serve in an honorary capacity.
Member Clubs
Member clubs have various origins. Many of the longest standing members have their origins from various sporting or social clubs, many of which represent immigrant groups. Community-based clubs are becoming more numerous. Other clubs arise from the growth of senior ranks or former junior league clubs.
The Future
From its inception in 1973, steady growth has been the pattern of the League's development. The AWFA is well prepared for the challenge of the dramatic increase in player and club members and is well able to extend its Current excellent level of service in order to accommodate them.
The Competition
The League currently hold all matches on Sundays and Saturday mornings.
The League Championship: the cornerstone of the League's competition is the League Championship season, commencing usually in mid March and running through to late September.
Teams in each age group compete on a home and away basis, with three points for a win and one for a draw. The leading team at season's end is declared the champion for that division. 

Mission Statement
The Albury Wodonga Football Association, Inc. (AWFA), is an affiliate of the Football New South Wales (FNSW). It is also subject to the authority of the Federation Football Australia (FFA).
The Mission of AWFA is to provide our League with a sense of social and community values. Provide an environment that encourages, develops and promotes participation in Football within our community. Promote, recognise and provide a safe and inclusive culture across our member clubs. Provide for amateur players, a competition run to the highest standard, without limitation as to age, race, religion or location throughout Albury, Wodonga and North East Victoria.
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Association President
Mark Leman
Mobile 0407 267 736
Email: president@awfa.asn.au
Tony Cigana
Mobile 0428 243 301
Email: recorder@awfa.asn.au
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Gary Holt
Mobile 0417 596 784
Email: secretary@awfa.asn.au
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Greg Scott
Mobile 0451 710 547
Email: treasurer@awfa.asn.au
Kara Smith
Mobile 0400 096 822
Email: registrar@awfa.asn.au
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2019 Executive Committee
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Chris Stern
Mobile 0418 469 134
Email: businessoperations@awfa.asn.au
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Nico Mathews
Mobile 0402 693 470
Email albexp@netspace.net.au
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Belinda Mathews
Mobile 0427 258 820
Email: highperformance@awfa.asn.au
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Karen Rannie-Milne
Mobile 0405 543 265
Email: resources@awfa.asn.au
2019 Executive Committee
Development Officer
Sam Gray
Mobile: 0458 133 512
Email: development@awfa.asn.au
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