Club Coaching Coordinator

Attention AWFA Clubs

As part of the FFA’s on ongoing commitment to club coaching development they are are rolling out a programme they refer to as Club Coaching Coordinator programme (CCC).
Les Bee- National Community Coach Development Manager, has offered AWFA an opportunity to be a pilot for the regional areas.
The programme is about identifying and establishing a coaching role responsible for overseeing and mentoring coaches from within their respective clubs. As many of you know, AWFA is one of the few Associations in Australia ,who have compulsory accreditation and while other Associations are heading in this direction, the one area that has been identified as needing attention is the follow up for those who do attend courses and need ongoing support when they are in their club environment.
It is therefore proposed to identify one (or even several-depending on the size of the club) person(s) who can take on this role in each club.
AWFA will propose to use the 3 coaching presenters it has to supervise the role out of the programme and provide support for the CCCs i.e.
Wayne Fraser, Simon Randall and Stephen Hayes.
Les Bee, is proposing to come to the area and provide more information. The meeting will be held at Glen Park on Friday 3rd March starting at 5.30 pm- just before the community licence course which commences at 6pm.
We are inviting, as a minimum the Presidents/Secretaries (or their
delegate) of each club along with potential candidates from the respective clubs. Most of the clubs have “club assessors” already nominated and we see some of these (particularly those with a C
licence) as the type of person who might be interested in such a role.
This is a very important issue and is seen as a key to the future development of our players. It is therefore compulsory for ALL clubs to be represented.